Why Invest in an Electric Bicycle?

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There are many advantages to having an electric bicycle (E-Bike), the most important one being it is a fantastic way to get around in comparison to the regular bike. You may be thinking that you’re physically fit, work out regularly and don’t need to invest in one – but worry no more, we have uncovered the reasons why the E-Bike is a winner!

It makes your commute to work easier / Getting around town more efficient

Regular cycling

If you regularly commute to work, you may have to leave that extra bit earlier to build in time to have a shower. After cycling a regular bike can leave you sweaty and feeling out of breath. By commuting on an E-Bike, you will arrive refreshed and relaxed with no need to shower or change before work.


With an E-Bike you will not have to wait in traffic jams your exposure to polluted air is reduced as your time on the road is dramatically reduced – no more hours spent stuck in traffic – parked on the road!

Frequently an electric bike can beat the speed of public transportation! This is an excellent alternative to your usual commute.

Due to COVID 19, there are restrictions on public transport because of social-distancing guidelines, which means more commuters are getting on their electric bikes. This reduces the risk of being exposed to COVID 19 – by switching from travelling on confined public transport (bus, train, or tram) to being outside on your bike.

Taking your E-Bike to work leaves you feeling awake and refreshed instead of a car ride that makes you tired and frustrated. Being outside in the fresh air will give you the best start to your day!


The benefit of the electric bike is that you can easily switch between manually pedalling and the electric motor. If your goal is to keep active, you can achieve your fitness objectives daily by cycling as much as you like, and when you feel tired or don’t want to cycle up a hill changing to the motor is available.

With an E-Bike, you will look forward to taking it out and using it. Frequently people don’t use their regular bike, and it just gathers dust in the back of the shed! This is the complete opposite for people who own an electric bicycle – necessarily, it’s down to the reduced physical exertion of not having to pedal constantly!

Biking enhances cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, promotes energy, maintains and builds muscle, and improves coordination! This maintains a sharp mind and can influence all parts of your life – from spending time with your children and lively teenagers to general physical capability.

For people who have not ridden a bicycle in a few years, cycling is a skill that automatically comes back once you step onto the bike. With an electric motor, you can feel more at ease in demanding moments on the road or bike trail!

With an E-Bike, you’re more enticed to spend time in the great outdoors.

Your commute will be more relaxed and less hassle, resulting in a calmer beginning to your workday and that calmness will continue throughout the day until it’s time to get back on your bike home! The advantages of electric bicycles are countless!


The usefulness of the electric motor will inspire you to take longer, more adventurous bike trips without the anticipation and dread in having to pedal the return journey back manually.

  • Ride average 80km on a single charge – Battery recharge cost less than €1
  • Commute faster & don’t arrive sweaty – Never worry about hills & headwinds
  • Most importantly, it’s fun!
  • If you own a car, you will be taking it out a lot less – which results in lower carbon emissions
  • With staycations top of the holiday list during the current COVID 19 environment – use the E-Bike on your next weekend trip to the country, to the coast, or spend a day exploring your surroundings.
  • You can take your child to school, do errands, pick up groceries and trips to see friends or family are quick and easy. There are options to use rack bags, or a bike trailer can provide all the carrying power required.
  • Efficiently you can flatten out hills/ inclines with the support of the electric motor – massive benefit of E-Bikes!
  • It could be the case that your partner or friend is passionate about cycling, and a lot faster than you and you struggle to keep abreast, an electric bike gives you that extra bit of speed, and you can spend more quality time together – without being out of breath!


  • You will save money on petrol/diesel.

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