7 Reasons Why Payroll Outsourcing is Good for Your Business 

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Payroll software is expensive. If you decide to manage your payroll function inside the business – you will be required to invest and upgrade the current software. Some payroll software/programs include a variety of services including managing benefits, managing time/attendance along with other services like an automated program for sending payslips. By comparison, business owners who decide to go down the road of outsourcing the payroll function have the advantage of an uncomplicated cyclical payment, which gives peace of mind that their payroll function is looked after in one payment.

Cost of Training Provision

If you are managing a payroll team is in house. You have the added price of supplying ongoing training to keep them informed of revisions and adjustments regarding the most up to date government regulations and changes in policies. You must ensure compliance – and providing training takes up too much time and is expensive. Business owners who decide to outsource their payroll are already winning and accessing the knowledge from payroll experts, minus the hassle and financial investment in providing additional and continuous training.

You are at Risk of Receiving Penalties and Charges.

There are a lot of risks associated with managing and completing your payroll. There is no room for errors in this function. If you make a mistake, you expose yourself to paying penalties. Review the risk of:

  • Accidentally excluding information..
  • Filing a late tax payment.
  • Inaccurately grouping a worker’s employee type.
  • If regulations have not adhered to, you could be subject to late payment fees & penalties.
  • If you do not keep a timesheet equivalent to the WRC template, this could cause problems, as this states the recommended breaks for employees.

These are examples of a few common errors that can result in hefty fines and penalties. When you outsource, you will at no time, have to worry about running the risk of having this financial repercussion.

There is a Likelihood You Could be Paying Employees too Much.

Sometimes there is a variation between the employee’s time and accurate timekeeping record, which can result in overestimating payments for your employees. Deciding to use a Payroll Outsourcing provider is a guaranteed and effective system to manage a precise attendance record. If you are uncertain about your business and what its expenditure on in house payroll should be – there are online calculators available to better understanding.

Ensuring you are Compliant

It is straightforward and prevalent to make payroll mistakes. Accidental mishaps can leave your business in trouble. But the difference between a business owner who chooses to utilize a payroll service provider has assurance knowing that their Payroll Outsourcing professionals are continuously up to speed with the relevant and latest information such as adjustments to payroll tax.
Deciding to outsource your payroll – guarantees you are compliant.  

Security Risk

Managing your payroll in-house has serious security risks.
There are many benefits of choosing to outsource the payroll function; one of the benefits is knowing that your employee’s data is fully protected/guarded by the payroll service provider. They remove the risk and worry associated with protecting this data in-office.

Wasting Your Time – an Irreplaceable Resource

Executing your payroll in-house is weighty, time-consuming, involves detailed fact-checking and scrutiny of data every pay cycle. Payroll eats into your time, resources, and energy, which could probably be utilized elsewhere in your business or growing news ventures. Any other option which garners you the chance to reclaim your time, a valuable resource in business, should be looked at as beneficial. Payroll outsourcing is justifiable for growing your business and grants you the opportunity to reclaim this time, instead of spending it on administrative duties.

Knowledge Loss

The chaos and stress that occurs when the person that does the payroll in-house decides to depart from your business. They are moving on and taking all their knowledge and experience with them. Even though handovers are done and covered in detail, the actuality is the payroll process is left again to another team member who may leave at some point- it’s a recurring cycle.
If you are a small, medium, or larger business, outsourcing payroll is a profitable investment. It removes the stress related to staff turnover and filling the knowledge gap. The benefits of outsourcing this function are endless and should not be overlooked.

We are interested in hearing your experience in either carrying out your payroll in-house or outsourcing it?


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