Helpful Advice for Managing your Small Business Payroll

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The payroll function is a big worry and a recurring concern for SMEs that they are accurate, up to date, and correct all the time. There is no room for making any errors or inaccuracies with Payroll management. When the payroll system is working correctly – you will keep your employees happy and concentrating on their role and ultimately building your business.

This article provides a few helpful suggestions and advice on how to manage the payroll function and perform the tasks you need to carry out to organise your small business payroll successfully.

A Few Simple  Payroll Tasks

  • Be aware of your Payroll Deadlines

    Managing accounting deadlines is a lot less hassle when you are aware of what needs to be achieved ahead of time.
    Ensure you are organised with effective systems and processes set up that notify you to major dates and what needs to be done. Always work ahead to allow time to organise and problem shoot any errors or problems that may arise.

  • Purchase Payroll Software

    Investing in the software will turn your archaic system into an automated process which will look after all your payroll duties such as tax estimations, creating payslips, up to date legislation changes, figures/data for the end of year tax returns.

  • Outsource your Payroll

    If you find managing payroll yourself is proving to be a real hassle and taking up a lot of your valuable time, then it’s time to consider outsourcing to a payroll company. Use a trusted outsourced payroll partner like PayPak Payroll Outsourcing to provide you with a flawless payroll integration in a timely and accurate manner.

    PayPak Payroll has a combination of technology and personal expertise to deliver a cost-effective way to run your payroll. They have the expertise and knowledge across a variety of sectors and industries, especially SMEs. They can guarantee they will save you the trouble and inconvenience of managing everything yourself and keeping up to date and on top of regulations and paperwork.

    The service is delivered and managed by real people – you will have the assurance, dependability, and reduced stress—an Irish company offering a chaos free payroll solution for your workforce.

    Check out PayPak.ie to help you make the most of your time.

  • Devil is in the Detail

    Set aside time in your week to manage all your employee data and details accurately on your payroll management system. From hire dates, addresses, date of births, etc. Be warned – making errors will lead to big problems down the road.

  • Keep up to speed with payroll legislation

    Educate and inform yourself when it comes to industry and regulation changes as these may influence how you need to manage your payroll. Changes in legislation may have to be adopted immediately, so it pays dividends to keep on top of legislation, regulations, and new laws.

  • Spend money on payroll software training

    Small business owners may be using payroll software – helpful suggestions on how to get the best out of your software is invest in educating yourself. By doing a course, you increase your knowledge and understanding of the system. Ultimately saving you time by becoming more efficient.

  • Prepare a financial Plan B!

    Plan and establish a credit control system, issuing invoices on time and always follow up on late payments promptly – to prevent cash flow stoppage.


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